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My name is Monique Mercury the owner and operator of this personal style blog. I am thrilled to have you on this journey with me through these streets of fashion and style. I have a keen eye for putting pieces together for any occasion and love to shop and find the best items at the best price. This space will help you find what’s trending, what’s hot and why, what you need to buy now and everything in between. I also make shopping simple; my finds are easily accessible with just a click of a link.


“My goal is to help people get styled on a budget, and look unapologetically fly in whatever they decide to step out in.”

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Accessories (where I learned metalsmithing and how to make jewelry out of different metals using different techniques.) I’m a creative soul that loves to create pieces of wearable art. I’ve worked in the fashion world for many years and enjoyed helping people (mostly woman) find things that work for their lifestyle, body type, and budget.

“What you wear is your statement its that extra boost of energy walking out the door knowing you look good in what you have on.”

My go to style: Jeans (baggy or skinny) and a T-shirt, always styled with a heel or platform shoe! (a classic simple style with a heel because I'm short…4’11” short…lol) I also personally tend to go for garments in black but do add colors and prints here and there. Lastly, my must have accessory – gold hoop earrings.

Inspiration: My style comes from all the amazing fashionable woman I was blessed to grow up around.... certain events were like fashion shows as a kid. And US as a people from here to afar inspires me, we have the innate ability to take fashion to another level.....we create trends.

Favorite fashion era: 80's & 90's (we slayed in every era...but) 

Overall style: Street + Chic + Bohemian = MM Style

 “Loving yourself  and confidence is the best accessories to wear everyday, it just adds that extra flava to anything you put on.”